How Warfare Changed With The Introduction Of The Trabuco

The Trabuco is a siege weapon which rewrote the rules of war during the medieval period. In the 4th century B.C.E. it had been invented by military geniuses in China and its use was spread west by nomadic people. It eventually appeared in the Pannonian basin which is in modern-day Hungary.

Its first used by an army in Europe was by the Byzantine Romans according to They started using this weapon in the 6th century C.E. and over the next few centuries armies across Europe started using it after witnessing its devastating power.

The earlies Trabuco’s could and 18 kg rock up to 80 meters away. After a number of modifications made to its design over the years his siege weapon could send a 1-ton rock even farther away. The Trabuco was used to destroy enemy ramparts and castles according to Because it was so powerful and could send its payload to far it made the castle walls of its time obsolete. Over the centuries engineers would design thicker wall which could help against the power of a Trabuco but these were very expensive to build and maintain and so not many castles of this type were ever built.


Any army which had Trabuco’s on its side, while their enemy didn’t, had a huge advantage according to The Trabuco could be used to send massive boulders down on walls and soldiers. Some enterprising armies designed ceramic balls filled with a fiery liquid. These would be shot at army formations and when they hit they shattered causing widespread death among the ranks. Sometimes dead and diseased cows and other animals would be thrown at the enemy in an early version of biological warfare.

It was the use of a counterweight which made the Trabuco so much more powerful than anything that had been used in warfare before. A Trabuco has an arm which is shorter on one end and longer on the other. The short end held the counterweight while the longer arm had a sling attached to it. When a pin was removed the counterweight shot towards the ground which caused anything in the sling to get tossed forward with pretty good precision.

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