Rocketship Education’s Response to Media

Rocketship is one of the most popular charter schools in America. Rocketship has gained times are positive and negative attention from the media says they’ve opened in 2006. Rocketship is a public nonprofit network of schools, who have been doing an excellent job educating school age children throughout the country. The Cofounder and CEO of Rocketship education is Preston Smith.

Since opening Rocketship, Smith has been the main spokesperson responses to negative and positive attention from the media. The most recent attention that Rocketship receive from the media is a blog published by NPR. In this blog, NPR did not say pleasant things about Rocketship Education. Parents of Rocketship students were very surprised by this blog; however, Rocketship and the CEO, Smith, was not surprised by the blog.

Even though NPR mention false Information about rocket ship in this blog, the school district was not surprised because their school often receives negative attention from the media. Rocketship is a school full of integrity. Instead of responding negatively to NPR, Rocketship decided to educate the public about their practices in their students.

In this message to the public, Rocketship revealed almost 100% of parents would recommend Rocketship to a friend. They also revealed that Rocketship is a special school because he uses unique practices or behavioral management. Educating children that come from urban communities can have some challenges. To understand their students’ behavior, Rocketship maintains close relationships with their students and their students’ families. This technique has been able to give educators at Rocketship a true understanding of all the challenges that the students face in the classroom and outside the classroom. Understanding their students has helped them to be able to accomplish outstanding academic achievements.

In the end, Rocketship and the parents of Rocketship are proud of the way Rocketship’s CEO responded to false information released from the press. Rocketship education’s main priority is the students that they serve. It is important for them to always be a strong leadership example for the children a Rocketship. Rocketship will continue to be strong leaders for their students.

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