Roseann Bennett Utilizes Canine Treatment Therapy


Roseann Bennett has more than ten years’ experience in the mental health field as a licensed therapist. Her expertise in marriage and family therapy has gained her recognition by others. Bennett and her husband Dr. Todd Bennett founded their non-profit mental health center; The Center for Assessment and Treatment, in 2010, and it has helped thousands of clients, regardless of their ability to pay.

Roseann Bennett is always open to new, cutting-edge methods, and when Roseann Bennett first became interested in “Canine-Assisted Therapy”, she decided she will only use this method if it benefits the client more than traditional treatment. A dog helps a client feel calmer, more comfortable and makes it easier for them to open up.

The training for a therapy dog is different than for a service dog. Since the training for the therapy dog is to assist with a client’s emotional needs, the disposition of the dog is imperative in helping clients with anxiety or autism relax. Limited dog breeds are acceptable for therapy use, as they must have a calm personality. A service dog helps aid one person with specific needs. Visit This Page for related information.

There are a wide array of settings in which to utilize a therapy dog. When introduced in school, therapy dogs are incredibly beneficial to children with anxiety and can help a child overcome fears of speaking in front of the class for instance. Those suffering from depression or loneliness in nursing homes and hospitals also benefit from the calming presence of a therapy dog.

Jack, who graduated from training in July 2018, is the therapy dog at the mental health center run by the Bennetts and is the therapy dog Roseann Bennett uses with some of her clients. Because of the many physical and mental benefits of using a therapy dog, more therapists are turning to canine therapy to help their patients.


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