Richard Liu Qiangdong, From A Humble Beginning To Great Success In Business


The longest journey starts with a single step, goes a Chinese proverb. Richard Liu Qiangdong has demonstrated the truth of this old Chinese proverb through his journey along the business world. As the founder and Chief Executive Officer of, Liu has created one of the most robust and successful e-commerce retailers in China.


Richard Liu Qiangdong has become one of the most celebrated business personalities in the world. His story of success is a source of inspiration to many who aspire for success in the competitive business world. The self-made billionaire has developed from a small startup to a large business empire with less than two decades.


Speaking during the recent World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Richard Liu narrated his life experiences in business to an attentive audience of more than a hundred businessmen and women. According to the visionary business executive, his interest in business developed when he was still in college. The desire to make it big in life dissuaded him from seeking employment as a means of livelihood for his entire life. See This Page for more information.


Therefore, while still studying his Sociology degree at the Renmin University of China, he decided to sharpen his skills in computer coding. He was convinced that superior programming skills would give him an upper hand in setting up own business. To achieve this end, he began doing freelance online programming work. Within a short time, he became an expert at computer coding.


Upon acquiring the required computer skills, Richard Liu Qiangdong decided to seek some knowledge in business management. He consequently joined the China Europe International College, where he attained an EMBA. He joined Japan Life where he worked as a business and computer manager for two years. The short period he worked for Japan life equipped him with skills and experience to start his business.


In 1998, Richard Liu Qiangdong set up a store to sell computer parts in Beijing. Owing to his sharp business acumen, the business quickly expanded to twelve more stores within a short period. In 2003, the SARS outbreak in China led to the collapse of his thriving business


In the wake of 2004, Richard Liu closed down all his twelve stores and moved to online business. Today his online store, is one of the leading e-commerce retailers in China. The company has also expanded into other parts of Asia.



Nick Vertucci Killing the Poker Tables and Real Estate

Nick Vertucci was oncé at the start of his profession in property and gréw his business fróm underneath up. Through extreme teaching, he could find achievement. He’s not really here to talk about that tale with learners at NVREA. Rathér, in the classes, college students will find out about: wholesale and flipping agreements, rehabbing and flipping properties, buying and keeping properties for Long-term cashflow, industrial investments, leveraging yóur IRA and 401K to invest in assets, asset protéction, plus much more. In addition, Nick Vertucci gives “FIip with Nick” workshops offering opening paragraphs to “show [ college students ] the ropes ánd obtain [them] on [their] way to achievement.

Nick Vertucci established the fact in the true estate groups ás he’s a self- produced real estate professional who built his popularity by flicking homes in California. Hé produced a debut into the industry in the entire year 2k after a transformation of the brain which usually sáw him try his skills available. He afterward discovered a mentor after pursuing in the route and studying regularly became mixed up in the venture. His strategy noticed him found out a genuine property academy, án educational middle for those thinking about entering the world of property. It isn’t known simply by mány, yet Nick Vértucci is a well-seasoned online poker participant. This individual has taken part against famous poker players such as for example Kenny Tran and famous brands him.

Nick Vertucci started playing texas holdem in the past prior to he éven was a genuine estate buyer. The entire year 2005 noticed him play in a significant competition at Trade in California. He surfaced the 8th out of 2 hundred and fifty-oné. This individual bought into the desk having a thóusand 500 dollars and went apart with more than séven thousands of 500 and several changes. Through the years he provides sharpened his pokér video game simultaneously when he was building his property or home development business.

Sharon Prince Gives Back To The Community


Sharon Prince is one outstanding woman who works through thick and thin to ensure justice and the rebuild of self-esteem in the community.

The Founder and President of Grace Farms, Ms. Sharon Prince started the non-profit organization ten years ago. This was after she noticed how human trafficking was on the rise and how most children were oppressed by their seniors, especially the adults. It struck her that she could do something extra-ordinary yet within her power to change the lives of such people.

Grace Farms has grown to great heights especially after its worldwide recognition for its fight against women oppression, child violation and human trafficking. It has since become an international farm with hundreds of people running to it every day to find help and comfort.

Sharon Prince has also ensured that the farm does not only deal with bringing the best out of people that she rescues and rebuilds their lives, but also has contributed a lot in making the environment better. Sharon Prince has joined the architectural world where she ensures that buildings are in the current state of art and environmental friendly. Go To This Page to learn more.

These contributions have led Prince to win several awards among them being the AIA National “Architecture Honor Award-2017,” “Fast Company’s Innovation Design Award” ,which she won in 2016 and the Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize, which was awarded to her by Illinois Institute of Technology. Her many awards have won the hearts of many leaders who now have given her more tasks which she spearheads.

Ms. Sharon Prince Grace Farms has gone a step further and is now working on ensuring that the children she rescues reunite with their family. She has a strong belief that her work will bring more joy and peace to the people that she helps and to the community at large.


See also: Advances Its Delivery System is the leading and the best Chinese e-commerce platform in the world, and it has its headquarters in Beijing. The website was founded by Richard Liu Qiangdong in 2004, but it has a brief history before its founding. Initially, Richard was running a mall Known as Jingdong in Beijing, and he used to sell magneto-optical products. It was the only legit supplier of the products. The business was doing well until the year 2oo3 when its performance went down due to the SARS which had hit the country. Later Richard founded the as a website for his customers to be in a position to purchase goods even from their homes.


Today, Jingdong Mall is a thriving retail platform under the management of its founder, Mr. Qiangdong who serves as the chief executive officer. The company is an outstanding one because of the quality services it offers including the delivery and purchasing functions. The owner of the company is a computer expert and very knowledgeable in programming. He plays a vital role in the progress and development of the company using his techniques and the advancing technology.


Recently, Jingdong has launched two delivery systems to enhance and ease the deliverance of parcels to customers on time. The two systems are of high technology, and they will help the company in achieving its goal as well as maintaining its reputation. has launched the high-tech robots and drowns. These innovations and advancements will create relief in delivering parcels to the buyers. Get Additional Information Here.


The high tech robots can deliver goods up to a 10-kilometre diameter, and they can carry a maximum of 30 parcels. The robots can also plan routes, detect traffic lights as well as avoiding obstacles on the way. They are too equipped with facial recognition system; hence they deliver the parcels to the correct person. These robots will be used to transport goods in cities of Hohhot and Changsha.


On the other hand; the drones will be used to deliver products in the remote areas within China. With all these advancements, ought to be the best e-commerce platform.


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Why Sameer Jejurikar is the Best Plastic Surgeon in Dallas

Dallas boasts for having top professionals who help to keep everything in order. The standards set for the professionals in this part of the United States are very high. This explains why so many companies are flourishing in Dallas. Some of the top medics in the world are also based in this state. One of these is Sameer Jejurikar. People appreciate this plastic surgeon because of the transformation he has brought in the lives of his patients. His clinic, based in Dallas, is always full of clients who come from all parts of the country in search of better looks. Due to environmental factors and age, people find that their bodies keep changing. When an individual doesn’t like their body, it is very difficult to have confidence and conquer the challenges in life. Sameer Jejurikar main mission in the market is to help all the individuals coming to him to have beautiful bodies by use of safe and effective procedures.

Sameer Jejurikar has worked to get to where he is at the moment. His journey in cosmetic surgery began many years ago when he joined medical schools. This is where the surgeon learned about the procedures he can carry out so that the patient can get their desired look. Most of the procedures conducted by the surgeon involve the face, nose, breasts, genitals and any other part of the body that needs to be transformed. People love to get his services because they are always safe and very effective. With so many cases of surgeries gone wrong, modern clients only want to deal with professionals who have enough knowledge so that they can protect their lives. Sameer Jejurikar educates other medics who want to venture into cosmetic surgery too. In the course of his career, the Dallas based doctor has mentored so many professionals.

The Background And Philanthropic Pursuits Of Entrepreneur Vinod Gupta


Vinod “Vin” Gupta is an entrepreneur who has worked in the United States for nearly 50 years. He first came to the United States from India in 1967, settling in Nebraska and enrolling in the bachelor’s level agricultural engineering program at the University of Nebraska. After finishing up the undergraduate degree in 1969, Mr. Vin Gupta sought out a master’s in business administration from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

He first found employment at a mobile home manufacturer, Commodore Corporation. While there, Vin was tasked with the job of sourcing local Yellow Pages phonebooks from locales around the United States and creating a database of all mobile home retailers and repairers. Read This Article for more information.

Vin Gupta reached out to distributors of Yellow Pages phonebooks all across the United States and eventually sourced all 4,800-odd local versions of them. Vin Gupta was allowed to work on his own to create the aforementioned database for Commodore Corporation. Mr. Gupta offered full ownership rights of the database to Commodore Corporation for a costly $9,000. If his then-current employer didn’t want to purchase the rights to the list of mobile home retailers, they would still receive free access to the list.

Gupta marketed that list to every mobile home company on the list. Within a month, he’d earned more than $22,000 from sales of that list. Vin Gupta founded Business Research Services & American Business Lists, a database company, after realizing just how much money such databases could be worth.

In 2000, Gupta gave $1 million to Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic, a technical college in his Indian hometown, which provides access to “Women’s Education”. Several years later, he donated more than $2 million to the Indian Institute of Technology at Kharagpur. The school founded the Vinod Gupta School of Management in his honor. Gupta also helped fund the foundation of the Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law.


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Dermatology Times 2018 Insight


Dr. Ioannides is a dedicated dermatologist serving the prominent Treasure Coast Dermatology medical center. Having attended the University of Miami in the school of medicine, Dr. Ioannides enrolled in the University of Florida school of medicine to complete his internship. He Holds a professional certificate of recognition from the American Board of Dermatology.

Dr. Tim Ioannides joined Treasure Coast Dermatology center over fifteen years ago. He works passionately to create a positive impact for the cancer patients and set a legacy for the hospital he co-founded. His dedication includes helping various charitable organizations as a way of giving back to society. Dr. Tim Ioannides is concerned with the future dermatologists hence strives to educate those interested in his career line by serving as a voluntary Associate lecturer at the University of Miami specifically the School of Medicine. He has transformed the lives of many young generations.

Treasure Coast Dermatology has been recognized in the Dermatology Times newspaper that provides significant information to all the readers and creates insight to increase expertise and advance practice. Recently, Dermatology Times acknowledged all their readers by creating a summary list of topics featured in 2018. Some of these top topics featured include Dr. Zoe Diana Draelos advice on how to protect the skin.

She recommends various skin care products for skin rashes and spots. Besides, Dr. Zoe advice people with diseased skin to use cosmetic oils as cleaners to attain pleasing results. Other top stories include the story of;

  • A young child with 8- years who had a sore throat, deep red tongue, petechial rash, and fever symptoms.
  • Numerous images of cases of dermatology treated in 2018.
  • Individualized biological therapy
  • The issue of 493, 204 unused opioid pills that feature the study conducted by a group of dermatologists.
  • Treatment methods for plaque psoriasis, Melasma, and hyperpigmentation.


View Additional Info Here.