Steve Lesnard Shares The two Secrets Of Effective Marketing


The marketing world has been evolving in the 21st-century with social media platforms becoming more important than in the past. Despite the changing tides of marketing in the 2000s, Steve Lesnard believes the basic two rules of marketing which have always been successful can still be used today. Lesnard is one of the world’s most respected marketing experts and decided to share the two most important rules for creating an effective marketing campaign.

The first step to develop a popular and memorable campaign is to keep the ideas simple, according to Steve Lesnard. Throughout the career of the marketing executive, he has identified the best campaigns as those which are completed using the most simple terms. When looking to introduce a new product or service is to state the positive benefits of the product and state them clearly to the consumer. Steve Lesnard believes the effectiveness of the campaigns created by high-end lifestyle companies who quickly look to bring their products to a wider public at large.

Both Apple and the Peleton brand have looked to bring products once seen as a sign of luxury to the general public without lowering their profit margins or consumer expectations. A problem for many marketing experts when working with technology=based brands is to focus on the innovations and not the benefits of any product. See Related Link to learn more.

The second half of the process of creating a positive marketing campaign is to expand on the simple storyline already chosen and build on it by linking it to the lives of consumers. Customer reviews and testimonials are an area of growing importance for consumers who are looking to understand how a new product will add to the quality of their lives. Focusing on the most positive and impressive features of a product can be one of the best ways of creating a successful campaign with a range of media used to create an impact not quickly forgotten by consumers.


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