Roseann Bennett Discusses The Medical Potential Of Dogs


In the New Jersey region is a doctor by the name of Roseann Bennett. As a young individual with over a decade’s worth experience, Roseann has slowly built up a strong reputation in the community.


Her biggest claim to fame has been founding the Center for Assessment and Treatment. She has spent her entire career working to ensure each and every patient has access to the best treatments available. The newest treatment to enter her office is the use of canine-assisted therapy.


In an article with BlogWebPedia entitled “Roseann Bennett Is Helping Her Clients By Using Canine-Assisted Therapy”, Bennett explained why Bennett wanted to incorporate therapy dogs into her practice, what they can do to improve a client’s life, what breeds make great therapy dogs, and who can benefit from working with them.


All throughout human history, dogs have been by the side of man. They have even been dubbed the name “man’s best friend” by the masses. However, recent medical research has shown they more positive effects on us then we originally thought possible. They have limitless possibilities for adults and children alike.


In the article, Roseann Bennett Therapist introduces the dog Jack. He has become a staple of the facility. The research shows that some dog breeds are more suited to this role than others. A dog has to be likable and sociable around humans. They also need to watchful and loving to their companion. A good therapy dog is one who knows that the human wants most. See Related Link to learn more.


Roseann Bennett can assign a dog for a variety of reasons. In child, they may need an animal to help relieve stress or anxiety. Research has shown a sharp upward spike in children mental cognition with the presence of a dog. While in adults, a dog can be a loyal friend. They can help ease the pain of loss or depression. Roseann Bennett has received positive results when she assigns a dog to a patient. Dogs may just be the next frontier of modern medical science for treating patients.


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