Academy of Art University: A History of Sports and Learning Achievements

The Academy of Art University in San Francisco California prides itself on being a school day diverse enough to teach the arts while at the same time students will flourish in sports. The Academy of Art University offers sports for both men and women. Some of the sports offered for women only are volleyball and softball. Men and women can participate in track and field, soccer, golf, and other activities.

There have been some stellar athletes who have chosen to attend the Academy of Art University. For example, two of the players in golf went on to collaborate with the Adidas Company. The message they created together empowered both men and women in sports and went on to be recognized and awarded.

The Academy of Art University offers many degrees. The courses can be taken on campus and some are available online. There are classes in landscaping, visual arts, and film. The academy also participates in study abroad programs for students who want to travel and broaden their horizons.

Sports and academics are taken seriously at the Academy of Art University. The school understands that it takes a combination of skills, and they try to foster these in students, so they will get the most of their education. They teach positive feedback as well as understanding the negative, and protecting ones time is essential to master both sports and studies.

Athletes and scholars need to learn how to share new ideas and listen, so communicating is a skill taught and practiced at the academy. In addition to traditional study skills, healthy living is encouraged.

The Academy of Art University began around the Great Depression era. Richard Stephens founded the school, and his son Richard took his place in the early 50s. It remained under the family’s care as Richard’s daughter went on to fill his position.

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