Sharon Prince On Enhancing Gender Parity


Gender Parity refers to a socioeconomic index created to help measure the access to education in females as well as males. UNESCO usually releases the index. It’s calculated as the total quotient number of females against the number of males enrolled in a stage of education. Sharon Prince has been the voice of gender parity in the sector of education.


The owner of Grace Farms Foundation advocates for gender parity especially in the corporate world. Sharon Prince is the President of Grace Farms Foundation.


Background Information

The private organization was founded in 2009. It focuses on enhancing lives via engagement with culture, justice, faith, as well as arts and nature. As the founder, Ms. Prince spearheads the firm’s vision through a new type of public space that is shared by different individuals as well as not-for-profit organizations. She has also commissioned the Pritzker Prize-winning organization, SANAA, to create a River building that will accompany it. As such, since founding the organization in 2015, Grace Farms has successfully emerged to be a place of peace for various individuals. The area has garnered several awards for its contribution towards architecture and environmental sustainability. The Foundation is also a safe place for social gathering.


Experience and Achievement

Through her contribution to the Foundation, Sharon has devoted her resources to fight against child exploitation, violence against women, in addition to human trafficking in national as well as international landscape. That’s why in 2016, the leader partnered with the United Nations University to co-host a convention titled Fighting Human Trafficking in Conflict. The event resulted in a report that was published to the Security Council of New York. Besides, she is also a board member of the Next Generation Nepal, a prominent charity devoted to reuniting victims of exploitation with their families. Consequently, in 2017, Prince received the NOMI Network Abolitionist Award in addition to the award of Auburn Seminary Lives of Commitment. Get Additional Information Here.




Adam Milstein and The Unlikely Alliances Today That Destabilize Israel

The world knows Adam Milstein as the Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties and the Israeli-American Council Writer at Jewish News Syndicate, JNS. He has been an informative source for many topics about the relationship between Israel and United States. One of the more recent articles that he wrote for Jewish News Syndicate was on February 7, 2018, and the article he wrote was about unlikely alliances that push for the advocacy towards anti-semitism worldwide.

In his article, Adam Milstein shared that anti-semitism in the world is already prevalent. There’s nothing new there. What is new, though, is the rate of the increase of such bigotry and the active hatred against Israel and Jews. Another thing that’s new, too, in the analysis of Adam Milstein is his observation of the new unlikely alliances that show such antisemitism activity. The new alliances come from the Radical Muslims and the Radical left, and while it was shown before that the extreme left would have to be progressive and open to the Jews, this is not what is happening now, according to Adam Milstein’s analysis.

One unusual alliance today is headed by leaders like Linda Sarsour, who is one of the famous organizers in the Women’ March that happened in Washington, DC. It seems to Adam Milstein that while Linda Sarsour is supporting actions that are supposedly not done by liberals like her, she still has been touted as a leader of feminism and the left’s role model.

It is also revealed that these unlikely alliances are growing in universities like Tufts University. There are acts in such schools that show hatred against people who support Israel, going so far as calling Israel as a supremacist state. This case is a sure indication of the widespread growth of alliances that diminish Israel and use the rhetoric that seems to destabilize the Jewish state.

While this rise of unlikely alliances is new, the inherent anti-semitism of radical leftists is rooted even as far back as the Iranian revolution. The collusion of the Radical Muslims with the extreme right to show their hatred against the Jews today has also already been around since this revolution.