Recent Upwork Report Reveals Top Skill Sets For Freelancers

Upwork recently released an updated report about the most valuable skills in the American freelance job market. The company runs the leading platform for freelance job seekers to find work. Its quarterly list contains the 20 fastest-growing skills. The list gives a clear picture of current labor market trends, tech industry trends and more. A recent study revealed that more than 56 million Americans were doing freelance work, and this number constitutes about 35 percent of the workforce in the United States. Those workers complete a cumulative average of 1 billion weekly hours of freelance work.

Stephane Kasriel is the CEO of Upwork, and he said in an interview that many of the top skills in today’s freelance job market did not exist five years ago. However, he said that most businesses can hire freelance workers to find the talent needed to complete temporary, ongoing or one-time projects. According to Mr. Kasriel, the growing popularity of freelance work shows that the global job market is becoming a skills-first world. He added that the speed of innovation is always growing, and this growth leads to the evolution of new tasks and skill sets.

Fastest-growing Skills In 2018’s Third Quarter

According to Upwork’s latest report, its top 20 skills saw growth of more than 115 percent during the past year. However, there was a 400 percent demand increase for the top 20 skills during that time. These were some of the top skills listed in the report:

  • Dropbox API
  • Genetic algorithms
  • Equity research
  • HR consulting
  • Kubernetes
  • Molecular biology
  • Vuforia
  • Lesson plan writing

Research Insights

The report highlighted several key insights that will be useful to freelance workers who are looking to expand their skills.

API skills are in high demand. Freelancers can learn this top skill with Dropbox’s latest tutorial. From administration solutions to security tasks, companies need skilled API developers for a wide range of services and app development processes. Data from Dropbox’s IPO filing showed that more than 500,000 developers were registered, and the company received about 50 billion API calls each month during the last year.

Public cloud service and infrastructure investments are growing. The report cited statistics from Gartner, which predicted that nearly 30 percent of key IT enterprise spending will be cloud-based within a few years. Two companies that stepped up with solutions were Google and Kubernetes. Freelancers who are interested in this market can learn how to use Kubernetes, Google Cloud and Google’s App Engine API.

Virtual reality’s growth is very real. Businesses are creating new ways to connect with customers through virtual reality and augmented reality. From training to productivity enhancement, there are several projects that companies are seeking. Freelancers can learn Vuforia or Oculus Rift skills to boost their prospects. By 2023, the mobile AR market is expected to increase in value by $70 billion.

There are more opportunities in electronic learning. Grade schools, colleges and businesses use e-learning to deliver information. The global learning management system is expected to be worth more than $19 billion by 2020. Continuing education is becoming more important to nearly every type of company since technology is always evolving. Lesson plan writing and instructional design are two important related skill sets.

Companies are focusing on creating optimal user experiences. Today, people use mobile apps twice as much as websites to interact with companies. For this reason, businesses are trying to make their experiences favorable and unique. Apple’s market share increased by nearly six percent in June for mobile operating systems. JavaScript and iPhone UI are two popular skill sets in this category. Salesforce skills are also essential since companies are aiming for a customer-centered approach to marketing.

Genetic algorithms are aiding deep learning. Industrial applications are advanced by deep learning. It often involves several network layers that can each be targeted by new lessons to improve overall configuration. Freelancers with genetic algorithm skills can find work in several industries.

What Is The Upwork Platform?

Upwork is based in Mountain View, California, and it has offices in Chicago and San Francisco. When a tech innovator in Silicon Valley wanted a foreign colleague to collaborate on a project remotely, the idea that led to Upwork was born. It quickly became a popular place for companies to find talent and for freelancers to find work for broad or applied skill sets. The platform allows feedback on freelancers to help honest workers boost their reputation and to help clients find top talent. Upwork gives site users access to more than 70 work categories that cover more than 5,000 skills. There are millions of remote jobs posted on the site each year. Upwork’s mission is to create economic opportunities that improve peoples’ lives.