Clay Hutson is a Professional Sound Engineer and Businessperson

Clay Hutson has gained popularity over the years for his prominence in the music industry. He is a business owner who pays close attention to the needs of his clients. After studying theater design, Hutson sought employment in various companies that dealt with music. As an employee, he was accorded multiple roles such as working as a project manager as well as a sound engineer. Throughout the period when he was an employee, he got to grasp the basics that revolve around the music industry. At some point, he founded an entertainment company that would deal with live music production.

Clay Hutson has gained popularity for mainly working with artists who specialize in rock music. His company offers a wide array of services such as; management, production, designing, and also overseeing live tours. Some of the artists who have worked with Clay Hutson are such as Kid Rock and Pink. Before founding an entertainment company, Clay Hutson first ensured that he had honed the necessary skills in accordance to the live music entertainment sector. He later garnered the courage required to start his own venture.

Since Clay Hutson mainly carries out stage management, he runs the floor from the beginning to the end of the event. When working with Kid Rock, he would ensure that he has come up with a plan as well as a to-do list that would act as a form of guidance. As the show progresses, Clay Hutson ensures that his crew is knowledgeable about the steps that they will use to disassemble the venue when the show comes to an end.

When bringing ideas to life, Clay Hutson tries to visualize the ideas that he has in mind about the lighting, design, and sound. His experience in the live entertainment music industry has also come in handy since he is knowledgeable about the ideas that may work well. He is also a professional when it comes to CAD design. Since he specializes in the music industry, one of the trends that excite him is ensuring that the clients are amazed by the quality of work that he offers. As a result, he always keeps track of the technological advancements that relate to the live music industry.