Sharon Prince is the Heartbeat Of Grace Farms Foundation


An MBA is among the three degrees Sharon Prince has earned from the University of Tulsa. During her business career, Sharon was president of Iceland based cold weather wear company 66° North.

Recently, an article was published regarding Sharon Prince Grace Farms and their connection with Crystal Bridges. Bringing culture to unexpected places and bringing it up to those who are looking for a better environment where they can pause and reflect is priceless.

These days Sharon Prince devotes her time to spiritual, aesthetic, environmental, and humanitarian pursuits. Since 2009 Sharon Prince has served as the Chair and President of Grace Farms Foundation.

Built on 80 acres in New Canaan Connecticut Sharon Prince Grace Farms opened in October 2016. It is difficult to pigeon hole Grace Farms. The facility is literally all things to all people. Designed to blend into the landscape the main building is known as the “River” because its tortuous floor plan follows the contours of the land. Grace Farms is open to the public so Sharon Prince insisted that the River have no front door because she didn’t want visitors to have “…a second thought about entering.”

For six years owners of properties around the Grace Farms site made appeals to the New Canaan Planning and Zoning to stop the project. Concessions were made to satisfy the neighbors’ concerns. That the project was completed came as no surprise to Grace Farms Foundation board member Jay Fielden who stated, “It’s hard to tell Sharon ‘No’…”. Mr. Fielden harbors a special affection for Sharon and her husband Robert. After a fire claimed their home the Fielden family were sheltered in Sharon and Robert’s home. Go Here for more information.

At Grace Farms a converted barn attached to the River serves as a 700 seat nondenominational chapel. The community center features an amphitheater, community center, dining hall, and library. The facility provides office space for non-profits and a community garden. The River’s glass walls provide and unobstructed view of the natural beauty surrounding Grace Farms. The works of well-known contemporary artists are on display.


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Sharon Prince: Fighting For Humane Justice Under The Sanctuary Of Grace Farms


In today’s society, there are fewer people living in the world who actually act upon their desire to change their environment for the better than there are people who only seek to gain from it and Sharon Prince happens to be the former. According to her lifestyle choices and professional accomplishments, Sharon Prince has earned every right to be viewed as a forthright leader among society.

As a businesswoman, she upholds her role as Chair and President of Connecticut’s well-established organization for peacekeeping— Sharon Prince Grace Farms. Founded in 2009 out of New Canaan, Connecticut, Grace Farms is labeled as being a culturally pivotal organization in the fact that it has garnered approval from people from all around for its impact in enhancing lives through community, nature, arts, justice, and faith engagement. Moreover, as overseer of Grace Farms Foundation, President Prince is credited for hiring the Japanese architectural firm that designed Grace Farm’s award-winning facility.

Grace Farms hired the Japanese firm SANAA to construct its facility on a $120 million dollar budget on some of New Canaan’s most priciest acres in real-estate. Sanaa built the five-sector 83,000 square-foot building to consist of tall glass windows to give spectators inside the building the opportunity to view the beauty of the outside landscape from within.

SANAA also constructed the the building, the “River”, to have 700 seats to aid in its use as a Sanctuary. Furthermore, in addition to that of being a Sanctuary, Grace Farms also has occupants flocking to its center for its use as gym, mess hall, library, and amphitheater. For its environmental and positive impact upon the public, Grace Farms was awarded a Social Good Award in 2016 and an Architectural Award in 2017. Go To This Page for related information.

As a philanthropist, Sharon Prince fights hard to end child exploitation, violence against women, and human trafficking. From her work on the Board of Next Generation Nepal in helping to unite exploited kids with their families, she was given an “Abolitionist Award” and a “Lives of Commitment Award” in the year 2017. Indeed, from her services and career commitment, people can conclude that Sharon Prince is a genuinely compassionate individual who should be exemplified for the way every human should be when it comes to helping others.


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Sharon Prince Gives Back To The Community


Sharon Prince is one outstanding woman who works through thick and thin to ensure justice and the rebuild of self-esteem in the community.

The Founder and President of Grace Farms, Ms. Sharon Prince started the non-profit organization ten years ago. This was after she noticed how human trafficking was on the rise and how most children were oppressed by their seniors, especially the adults. It struck her that she could do something extra-ordinary yet within her power to change the lives of such people.

Grace Farms has grown to great heights especially after its worldwide recognition for its fight against women oppression, child violation and human trafficking. It has since become an international farm with hundreds of people running to it every day to find help and comfort.

Sharon Prince has also ensured that the farm does not only deal with bringing the best out of people that she rescues and rebuilds their lives, but also has contributed a lot in making the environment better. Sharon Prince has joined the architectural world where she ensures that buildings are in the current state of art and environmental friendly. Go To This Page to learn more.

These contributions have led Prince to win several awards among them being the AIA National “Architecture Honor Award-2017,” “Fast Company’s Innovation Design Award” ,which she won in 2016 and the Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize, which was awarded to her by Illinois Institute of Technology. Her many awards have won the hearts of many leaders who now have given her more tasks which she spearheads.

Ms. Sharon Prince Grace Farms has gone a step further and is now working on ensuring that the children she rescues reunite with their family. She has a strong belief that her work will bring more joy and peace to the people that she helps and to the community at large.


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