A More Skilled Investor: Igor Cornelsen

Investing in the stock market is not an easy task. It requires prior knowledge and in-depth research of the market and stocks before venturing into it. Igor Cornelsen has been able to excel where others failed due to his expertise regarding investments. He owns Bainbridge Group Inc. which is an investment firm that helps other investors by giving them advice. It also identifies and carries out credible investment options before anybody else. Before starting Bainbridge, Igor Cornelsen worked at different banks for a while. He learned a lot from the banks and channelled the knowledge he acquired into building his company.

To be as successful as he is, one has to do things differently from the rest. For Igor, the things that separate him from the rest is that despite having vast knowledge, he still researches the stock market. He uses Reuters as a source of information as it is credible. Igor encourages other investors to always research before starting a project. They should, however, pick their sources of information carefully because wrong information will lead to poor investments. In addition to doing research, Igor is constantly brainstorming his ideas with colleagues and other investors. This helps him to learn more from them. Staying up to date with the news is also another tip from Igor.

Throughout his career, Igor Cornelsen has been a grand champion of investing in countries with political and economic instability. The stocks in such economies tend to be cheap but sell for more once the economy stabilizes. He is trying to do away with the mindset that it is only profitable to invest in healthy and flourishing economies, an ideology which most investors have. Igor Cornelsen is an investment genius using his knowledge to better the lives of other people who take advice from him.