Roseann Bennett Discusses The ins And Outs Of Canine-Assist Therapy


Perhaps the biggest revolution in mental and emotional healthcare, Canine-Assisted Therapy is increasingly becoming a popular form of treatment. Roseann Bennett, a family and marriage therapist, is one of the professionals in the mental and emotional healthcare sector pushing forward this revolution.

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Bennett has been working as a therapist for more than two decades, and during the last ten years, she has been treating some of her patients through Canine-Assist Therapy.

Through her Center for Assistance and Treatment clinic, Roseann Bennett has successfully used this treatment technique to help her patients live healthier lives. She recently discussed the ins and outs of Canine-Assisted Therapy in one of her blog posts to educate the public about the practice.

A simple, natural form of treatment

This celebrated family and marriage therapist pointed out that one of the reasons that Canine- Assisted Therapy was getting increasing popular was because it was a simple-natural form of treatment.

In addition to this, this form of therapy has had amazing results in helping persons suffering from different forms of mental and emotional disorders. Roseann Bennett said that the dogs used in this therapy had to undergo some specialized training. Moreover, certain dog breeds are better therapy dogs than the rest.

Who can benefit?

According to the blog post published by Roseann Bennett, depending on the condition the patient is struggling with, Canine- Assisted Therapy works well across all ages. Roseann Bennett went on to point out that the treatment technique is more commonly used to help the elderly who are suffering from loneliness live better lives. Get Related Information Here.

Apart from that, therapy dogs are common in treating patients dealing with depression. Canine- Assisted Therapy was also effective against severe forms of depression like PTSD among veterans. Roseann Bennett also mentioned that therapy dogs were also good companions for children dealing with anxiety issues.