The Scottish Broadcaster Alastair Borthwick


The life of this writer from Scotland has been filled with excitement. He was a teen during World War I and II; an officer working in the intelligence field. Later on, he became a famous journalist. Alistair Borthwick has now produced several fascinating documentaries for TV audiences worldwide.

His Acclaimed Books

Both classic seminal books are full of originality and humor. The first, “Always a Little Further” was later called “British Band of Brothers”. It was based on stories of characters in 1942-1945 inside the ground battalions. His second book called “Sans Peur” can be translated as “Without Fear” was republished with the new name “Battalion” later-on. The book was written with a lot of care from the eyes of a young officer and not an older officer who was highly acclaimed for fighting and surviving on the front lines.

Life as a 21-year-old Broadcaster

Alastair Borthwick at a young age was asked by a BBC producer to write a story regarding his personal experience as an avid and courageous rock climber. This writing piece eventually turned into a British broadcasting career in both radio and then television.

His Career after the War Era

When the two wars were finally over, one of the most noticeable events that happened afterward was when Alastair earned an important title honored by the British Queen. Alastair Borthwick became to be known as Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. It was also after the war that he was at last successfully reunited with his wife Anne.

Production for Television and Radio

Alastair organized a variety of events, but the most important one was a unique exhibition for the “Festival of Heavy Engineering”. One of the other career paths he took was to write for both British radio and television more than 150 production pieces. He and his wife lived together in the city of Ayrshire and later on a farm close-by for over 30 years. Visit This Page for additional information.

After having lived a fulfilling life of creativity and celebrity, it was on September 25, 2003, that Borthwick passed away a few months after his beloved partner and wife Anne.


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