Roseann Bennett Discusses The Medical Potential Of Dogs


In the New Jersey region is a doctor by the name of Roseann Bennett. As a young individual with over a decade’s worth experience, Roseann has slowly built up a strong reputation in the community.


Her biggest claim to fame has been founding the Center for Assessment and Treatment. She has spent her entire career working to ensure each and every patient has access to the best treatments available. The newest treatment to enter her office is the use of canine-assisted therapy.


In an article with BlogWebPedia entitled “Roseann Bennett Is Helping Her Clients By Using Canine-Assisted Therapy”, Bennett explained why Bennett wanted to incorporate therapy dogs into her practice, what they can do to improve a client’s life, what breeds make great therapy dogs, and who can benefit from working with them.


All throughout human history, dogs have been by the side of man. They have even been dubbed the name “man’s best friend” by the masses. However, recent medical research has shown they more positive effects on us then we originally thought possible. They have limitless possibilities for adults and children alike.


In the article, Roseann Bennett Therapist introduces the dog Jack. He has become a staple of the facility. The research shows that some dog breeds are more suited to this role than others. A dog has to be likable and sociable around humans. They also need to watchful and loving to their companion. A good therapy dog is one who knows that the human wants most. See Related Link to learn more.


Roseann Bennett can assign a dog for a variety of reasons. In child, they may need an animal to help relieve stress or anxiety. Research has shown a sharp upward spike in children mental cognition with the presence of a dog. While in adults, a dog can be a loyal friend. They can help ease the pain of loss or depression. Roseann Bennett has received positive results when she assigns a dog to a patient. Dogs may just be the next frontier of modern medical science for treating patients.


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Roseann Bennett Utilizes Canine Treatment Therapy


Roseann Bennett has more than ten years’ experience in the mental health field as a licensed therapist. Her expertise in marriage and family therapy has gained her recognition by others. Bennett and her husband Dr. Todd Bennett founded their non-profit mental health center; The Center for Assessment and Treatment, in 2010, and it has helped thousands of clients, regardless of their ability to pay.

Roseann Bennett is always open to new, cutting-edge methods, and when Roseann Bennett first became interested in “Canine-Assisted Therapy”, she decided she will only use this method if it benefits the client more than traditional treatment. A dog helps a client feel calmer, more comfortable and makes it easier for them to open up.

The training for a therapy dog is different than for a service dog. Since the training for the therapy dog is to assist with a client’s emotional needs, the disposition of the dog is imperative in helping clients with anxiety or autism relax. Limited dog breeds are acceptable for therapy use, as they must have a calm personality. A service dog helps aid one person with specific needs. Visit This Page for related information.

There are a wide array of settings in which to utilize a therapy dog. When introduced in school, therapy dogs are incredibly beneficial to children with anxiety and can help a child overcome fears of speaking in front of the class for instance. Those suffering from depression or loneliness in nursing homes and hospitals also benefit from the calming presence of a therapy dog.

Jack, who graduated from training in July 2018, is the therapy dog at the mental health center run by the Bennetts and is the therapy dog Roseann Bennett uses with some of her clients. Because of the many physical and mental benefits of using a therapy dog, more therapists are turning to canine therapy to help their patients.


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The Professional Life Of Roseann Bennet


Roseann Bennet has numerous years of experience as a marriage and family therapist. She is also licensed and academically qualified. She has received an MA degree in psychological studies from the University of Seton Hall and has also earned a degree in Marriage and Family therapy from the same university. Her extensive knowledge rises from more than ten years of experience she has accumulated in helping people cope with the various challenges life throws at them.

As a home-based therapist, she focused her career on helping individuals, families and offering marital therapy. Roseann Bennet also used her abilities as a therapist to plan for treatment as well as manage any cases and crisis. She was mainly tasked with helping adolescents and families in various parts of Jersey.

Today, Bennet serves as the director and founding member of The Center for Assessment and Treatment. She has been in this position for about a decade since the center was started in 2009. As the director of the organization, she is responsible for the daily management and running of the center whereby she also plans for the treatment of the various individual.

Bennet recently took in a new treatment approach to mental health problems called the Canine Assisted Therapy. She says that this method is highly fruitful. However, she is not planning to eradicate the other conventional means.

She was recently named the Wall Street Journal Of Note and provisions due to her success and constant commitment to her community. Roseann also writes and runs an incredible series of a blog that seeks to educate people on mental health at the workplace. She feels strongly about these two topics where she considers them to be imperative. She hopes that these writings will reach any individual who is looking to gain more insight into the issues. Go To This Page to learn more.



Roseann Bennet is not only a skillful therapist, but is also very compassionate which is the reason why she hopes to reach out to people in different backgrounds for proper and effective therapy.


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Roseann Bennett Seeks To Bring Therapy To Those In Need


Working as a professional therapist in an inpatient capacity allowed Roseann Bennett, founder of the Center For Assessment and Treatment, the opportunity to help people directly. It was only after she left her inpatient work that Bennett realized just how difficult it was for patients to find the therapy that they needed in a timely capacity that could actually impact them. Bennett came to realize that she needed to do something different in order to make a difference in their lives and that led her to found the Center for Assessment and Treatment.

After leaving her inpatient work, Bennett found out that some patients could end up waiting six or seven months before they would get a chance to speak with a therapist. As a decorated marriage counselor and family therapist, Bennett knew that this could of timeline simply wouldn’t work for the vast majority of people who needed help right away. So, Roseann Bennett directed her energy toward founding the organization, the Center for Assessment and Treatment.

At the Center, Bennett and her team work closely with families and couples in order to address the core problems in their specific relationships. What makes this organization so special is that patients don’t always have to pay. For people facing hardship, there are workarounds that Bennett’s team is happy to employ. The goal here is to help people, not turn them into customers.

As one of the most popular facilities in New Jersey, Roseann Bennett knows that her work is hard, and her days are going to be long. After founding the facility in 2010, Bennett would work 6 days of the week for 11 hours a shift. Her hard work and passion for the job helped to keep her afloat and now the Center for Assessment and Treatment is finally getting the attention that it deserves. Read This Article for related information.


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Roseann Bennett And Her Great Accomplishments


Roseann Bennett is one of the famous licensed marriage and family therapists. Currently, she is the executive administrator of the Center for Assessment and Treatment. This is a mental health agency based in Hackettstown, New Jersey. She is well versed with marriage and family therapy and related issues for over a decade now. Through this extensive experience, she undisputedly secured the topmost position in the agency. Her extensive knowledge and experience in marital and family issues can be traced back over a decade ago.


Also, Bennett is a professional in crisis management, case management as well as a treatment plan for a variety of mental-related issues. The initial plan to start the Center for Assessment and Treatment started back in 2009 though it officially commenced operations in 2010. This is the year when the agency began discharging services in helping people go through life stresses both internal and external.


Roseann Bennett admits that having worked for the community for a long time, she understands clearly how individuals with low income direly needed mental therapy, yet unavailable to them. Moreover, depression is one of the life-threatening issues for individuals and couples, especially in the low-income class. So, the organization focused on supporting and treatment of individuals and families of alienated backgrounds within the society. Inspired by Roseann Bennett’s values cemented as a family and marriage therapist, she embraces a holistic and systemic perception of problems.


By copying her will, the organization now discharges its services at a meager cost. Interestingly, she accepts that the organization doesn’t have any funding yet it still manages to perform its mission. In addition to the built-in humanly values, Roseann Bennett also uses the knowledge she acquired from her studies. She did Master’s Degree in psychology from Seton Hall University back in 1998. And, she furthered her studies by obtaining a specialist in education degree in family and marriage therapy from the same university. See This Article for additional information.


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Roseann Bennett-Addressing Mental Health Needs

A therapist with over ten years of experience who gifted with her patients in the area of depression is Roseanne Bennett.

Roseann Bennett uses her therapy skills through crisis management and family and marital therapy. She works with adolescents as well as their families throughout several countries such as Hunterdon, Warren and Somerset. She currently resides in New Jersey where she also works with adolescents.

Roseanne is dedicated providing her clients with custom treatment that will specifically address their need through her forward thinking approach. Bennett created the Center for Assessment and Treatment as a result of realizing the need for effective treatment for depression and mental illness. The goal of this center was to help patients that were not financially able to afford the help on their own.

Bennett strives to make others aware of mental illness through her blogs. These tools have assisted many people on understanding what their own needs are as they relate to depression and mental illness. The aspect of using what is known as telemedicine, which seeks to help patients gain access to therapist via texts and e-mails. Doctors and patients are able to communicate with each other without even being in the same room.

In her past wok in certain communities, Roseann Bennett has personally witnessed the type of struggles patients live with. She felt these individuals were in immediate need of mental treatment; however, it took months in order to get an appointment with a doctor. Many of these individuals experienced mental health deterioration. As a result of these findings, Roseann Bennett sought ways to aid others to get the right treatment in a timely and affordable way. Click Here for more information.


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