Securus; Wireless Containment Professionals

Technology options can make a difference in the price and quality of inmate calls. If you want to stay connected for less while having the support of thousands of customers who continue to support their network by actively using their competitive features to keep you connected to a secure network to ensure adequate inmate calling. Securus has always been the leaders in interactive technology designed to help their customers receive state Public Commission backed with safety and monitoring. Securus continues to use their signature monitoring and surveillance tools once used to regulate other networks and now, is used for their new inmate calling access network.


Securus; Inmate Technology Experts


Securus has long since been 1975 and offers exemplary service to millions of inmates and their families to have secure inmate calling. They’re very proud of their 2016 honoree nomination award for excellent customer support by receiving the deluxe Goals Stevie Award. Securus has over 246,000+ customer service professionals. You have the option of becoming part of a network that will make you more than just another account holder by giving you true personalized service options. They continue to be among tube top 3 inmate calling networks across the nation.


Wireless Containment Technology


Wireless containment technology will give facilities access to remote monitoring technology. You have the option of securing your facility with innovative technology features that minimize facility, but contributes to the safety of everyone involved. An inmate will not have access to an illegal cellphone signal because Securus technology will intercept the telecommunications. Facility personnel will be able to use their cellphone without any hassle. Securus will install their own technology to save the facility time while remotely accessing their technology and operating it from the Securus base quarters. Securus has crime prevention technology unmatched by other networks.


The GovPayNet technology means you can process payments wicker without delay. They have served nationwide as one of the largest debit and credit card providers in North America. You can now, have your payment processed in up to 1 to 24 hours. Their customers process their payments over an encrypted network. The success of the deal has mimicked that of their partnership with JPay Services Inc., and they have also merged with the popular video giant, Vimeo. Securus has technologically advanced solutions for a secure telecommunications network. Learn more about their unique partnerships from their exclusive article on Business Newswire online.


Get the benefits of being a part of a network willing to put your needs first. Thousands of people rely on Sexy on Securus to stay connected and they also offer international detainee calling features. On average, Securus Technologies is chosen over other networks 5 to 1.