A Weapon Of Mass Destruction For the Middle Ages: The Trabuco

Born out of the tumultuous battles of the Middle Ages, the Trabuco is a powerful weapon used to crush walls, or bypass them completely, flinging all manner of objects to the other side. The cousin of the catapult, but with a simpler mechanism, the counterweighted devices were used not just for destruction, but were actually one of the first instances of biological warfare. It has been reported that, during the Bubonic Plague, Trabuco were employed to hurl disease-riddled corpses into population areas in the hopes of spreading death and disease.


A Trabuco operates from the forces of kinetic energy, unleashed by a counterweight, attached to sling-type mechanics. Originally, the devices were designed to be small and moveable, with a throwing capacity of a few hundred pounds. Over time, however, they grew in strength, eventually capable of hurtling 3000 pounds of rock and debris hundreds of feet. The structure of a traditional Trabuco consists of a long arm mounted on a sturdy base, or wheeled cart. A hefty counterweight is used to pull back the arm, and once released, harnesses that energy to launch its contents across great distances. Read This Article for more information.


Those first, small Trabuco are thought to have originated in China sometime around 400 B.C., but it was their arrival in Europe, around 1000 A.D., spreading first to the Byzantine and Persian Empires and then into Scandinavia, that saw their widespread deployment. During the tumultuous and bloody period of siege-mentality engendered by the Crusades, the Trabuco rose to its greatest prominence.


The Trabuco would remain as a primary weapon of war for centuries. Only with the advent of gunpowder was the Trabuco finally supplanted by more rapid and powerful cannons, sometime in the 15th and 16th centuries. Hernando Cortez, in his conquest of Tenochtitlan in 1521, ordered the last known military deployment of a Trabuco when his men ran out of gunpowder.


Today the once-lethal weapons are used for less nefarious purposes, providing a great resource for teaching mechanics, or for contests of a fun, competitive nature.


Check out a real Trabuco on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCS7mm_kj7I

Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey was born on September 26, 1959 here in America. He is described as someone who is very intelligent and a passionate person. He has invested much of his life in studying math and helping out others to study it as well. In 1981, he went to the University of Texas where he received his bachelors degree in mathematics. Later on in 1987, he went to school at the University of Illinois and received his PhD there. He had a passion for helping students reach their highest potential when it came to the subject of math. Michael Lacey used his degree and his knowledge of mathematics to conduct research in which he impressed a lot of his professors. He later on became a mathematics professor at Louisiana University. He enjoyed helping out students and helping them develop a love for math. He has written over hundreds of publications and he continues to collaborate with other professors. In 1996, he was awarded the Salem Prize. He specializes in physics and mathematics and contributes reaching out to students in this field. He is now a professor at Indiana University and he continues to reach out to students to share the love of math that he has. Michael Lacey is extremely passionate about math and wants his legacy to go on and inspire others to get to know the subject of math. He believes that math is the foundation of research and he also believes that math holds the cure to many aspects of the future.

National Steel Car: New Changes Under Gregory James Aziz

The rolling stock manufacturing industry in Canada is booming, thanks to the effort of Gregory James Aziz. He is the president, chairman, and chief executive officer of the National Steel Car, which he purchased from Dofasco in 1994. Gregory J Aziz stated that the reason why he bought the National Steel Car is that he wanted to see how he would be able to transform the company from the present condition he acquired it. When he bought the company in 1994, he found out that there are still 500 people working who were hired by the former owners. He decided to retain them and asked them to become the mentors of the new employees who will be hired by Gregory James Aziz. The new employees, numbering at 2,500, were later on trained by the older employees of the National Steel Car.



1Gregory James Aziz knew the secrets to success. As he hired additional people to work on manufacturing train cars, he also targeted a new objective. He advised his employees that they would have to increase their production, and from the normal 3,500 annual rolling stocks made, the newly refurbished National Steel Car managed to increase the number to 12,500 rolling stocks produced every year. Gregory James Aziz is proud of all the employees who are working hard to keep the National Steel Car as one of the most competitive companies in Canada. He even dedicated some of the awards given to him to those who are determined in working hard for the company. Find Related Information Here.



The National Steel Car is slowly becoming one of the most profitable companies in Canada, thanks to the continuous efforts of Gregory James Aziz to promote the vehicle overseas. Presently, the company’s clients are only American transport companies, but the visionary business genius wanted to change it. He wanted to partner with other countries around the world, so Gregory James Aziz is sending companies in other continents about his business.



The National Steel Car has experienced so many challenges during their 100-plus year history. Gregory James Aziz stated that it only made the company more resilient and immune to changes. For now, the next challenge that they would have to address is the growing demand for products manufactured by the National Steel Car. Gregory James Aziz must think how he could be able to address the growing number of people who wanted to get hold of their products and making the best out of it.


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All about Doctor Saad Saad

Saad saad is a medical doctor. He went to Cairo University and earned medical degree about 47 years ago in Egypt and because he was a bright student, he was ranked as number two in his class. Having been born in Palestine, he was then raised in Kuwait having been born among eight children at their home. He had to ensure that he performed in medical school because he came from a poor family.


When he completed his studies, he went for his internship in England and later migrated to the United States for the last 45 years ago. When he was in the US he went for the residency surgery and also pediatric surgery where the US Board certified him for pediatric surgery. In his career period, he served as chief surgeon and also a co-medical director at K Hovnanian hospital for children. He is a productive surgeon when treating both patients from outside or inside his community. He has all pushed in improving surgical techniques so that he can benefit his patients.


He has been performing complex pediatric surgeries for the last 40 years to all ages of children. He has also participated in medical missions to perform complex surgeries to poor children eight times when still at Eaton, New Jersey. Saad has also patented his two inventions and able to develop new procedures of pediatric surgery.


When Saad Saad was the only man who can speak Arabic and English fluently, he got a rare opportunity to go to Saudi Arabia to treat Royal family. He was the only pediatrician surgeon certified by the board. To pass the board in US one requires more than ten years continuance surgical practices and special training with a rigorous exam. He worked for the golden opportunity treating the Royal family for four and half years.


After his retirement, he went to live in Red Bank. He believes that being a poor Palestine and was capable of getting success in America, anyone can also get it too. All everyone needed is working hard and having persevered and you will make it. Learn more: http://medicaldailytimes.com/medical-inventions/life-saving-medical-inventions-dr-saad-saad/3570/


He has been connected with people all over the world because he worked for the Royal family as the pediatric surgeon. In addition, he is a family man with four children and married for 42 years. His children have taken his steps because two are surgeons, one ICU nurse, and a lawyer


Michael Lacey, the Genius Mathematician

Michael Lacey was born in 1959, and he has contributed a lot in the field of mathematics. He attended the University of Illinois in 1987 and earned Ph.D. While he was in the university pursuing his course, he got involved to lots of studies in probability. Lacey had good interactions with his supervisor Walter Phillip and was assisted to come with the formula which was used to solve the mathematical problem that was a significant challenge to people during his thesis presentation. The formula applied to the thesis that he presented since it revolved around the law of iterated logarithm. His interest was in probability, and this made him study a lot in that area to gain more understanding.


After the graduation, he served at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. While he was working at this university, he had opportunities to research to provide evidence for the Central Limit Theorem.

Also, while Michael Lacey was serving at the Indiana University, he was able to study the Bilinear Hilbert Transform. The study was facilitated by the National Science Foundation through sponsorship and was able to earn postdoctoral fellowship. Through the achievements that he had, there were no challenges to him in solving Hilbert Transform.


The legacy and achievements of Michael Lacey made him become a mathematics professor at Georgia Institute of Technology since 1996. More are the awards and prizes won from the excellent work that he has portrayed throughout his career. Those people that have worked with Michael Lacey attests positively about him and how flexible he is in his teaching and more so in solving mathematics. He provides the needed support to whoever approached him for assistance they could get their mathematical problems solved.


Not only have the students that seek his services benefited but also some of the renowned scholars with mathematical problems benefited greatly from Michael Lacey. Since Lacey has a significant passion towards mathematics, he ensures that the mathematics is embraced in the society by offering grants and needed support to ensure that research carried out in mathematics are successful. Mathematics has been made easier with the help of Michael Lacey.

A Concise Trading Review of AvaTrade

AvaTrade has a number of platforms for social and automated copy trading, in addition to forex options and cryptocurrency trading. The firm has spot forex and CFDs in all its entities and are regulated by renowned and emerging financial hubs in EU. It offers off-exchange forex options on 40 currency pairs, and cryptocurrency trading on Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Dash.


Based in Ireland, it is monitored by the Central Bank of Ireland and under MiFID regulation has passports in the entire EU. It has physical offices in 11 countries, and in each where it trades, it is regulated by the relevant body. With more than 200,000 global accounts, the broker oversees more than two million transactions monthly that are valued at over $60 billion. The avatrade review has its own research tools and resources combined with content from third parties, offering trading opportunities using social copy-trading platforms like Zulu Trade.


With more than 10 years in operations, AvaTrade has cut out a reliable name and has licenses and authorization from the European Union, Australia, British Virgin Islands, South Africa, and Japan. It has eight trading platforms Meta Trader platform for (mobile trading, floating spreads, Mac, and web trading), The proprietary AvaTradeAct platform forex, Platforms for Automated trading, MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform, and CFD trading.


Trading costs depend on whether one is using fixed spreads or floating spreads, the two pricing methods. In terms of accounts, AvaTarde has two accounts, a demo trading account, and a standard trading account. The minimum deposit for a trading account for credit cards is $250, £250, €250, and AUD $250 while for wire transfer it is $500, €500, £500, and AUD $500. Muslim traders have swap free accounts that adhere to Sharia law.


On AvaTrade deposits and withdrawals can be done using debit or credit cards as well as bank wire transfer. Avatrade supports electronic payments transfers by Skrill, WebMoney, PayPal, and NETELLER. The broker has a multilingual support reps for its customer support service who are available a 24/5 basis. They can be reached via telephone, email, social media, fax, and live chat that is usually localized especially telephone support number.

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How Warfare Changed With The Introduction Of The Trabuco

The Trabuco is a siege weapon which rewrote the rules of war during the medieval period. In the 4th century B.C.E. it had been invented by military geniuses in China and its use was spread west by nomadic people. It eventually appeared in the Pannonian basin which is in modern-day Hungary.

Its first used by an army in Europe was by the Byzantine Romans according to priberam.pt. They started using this weapon in the 6th century C.E. and over the next few centuries armies across Europe started using it after witnessing its devastating power.

The earlies Trabuco’s could and 18 kg rock up to 80 meters away. After a number of modifications made to its design over the years his siege weapon could send a 1-ton rock even farther away. The Trabuco was used to destroy enemy ramparts and castles according to pt.bab.la. Because it was so powerful and could send its payload to far it made the castle walls of its time obsolete. Over the centuries engineers would design thicker wall which could help against the power of a Trabuco but these were very expensive to build and maintain and so not many castles of this type were ever built.

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Any army which had Trabuco’s on its side, while their enemy didn’t, had a huge advantage according to sinonimos.com.br. The Trabuco could be used to send massive boulders down on walls and soldiers. Some enterprising armies designed ceramic balls filled with a fiery liquid. These would be shot at army formations and when they hit they shattered causing widespread death among the ranks. Sometimes dead and diseased cows and other animals would be thrown at the enemy in an early version of biological warfare.

It was the use of a counterweight which made the Trabuco so much more powerful than anything that had been used in warfare before. A Trabuco has an arm which is shorter on one end and longer on the other. The short end held the counterweight while the longer arm had a sling attached to it. When a pin was removed the counterweight shot towards the ground which caused anything in the sling to get tossed forward with pretty good precision.

Find more about Trabuco: https://www.dicio.com.br/trabuco/

End Citizens United Announces Endorsements For Kirsten Gillibrand and Cory Booker In Midterm Elections

The power and influence of political action committees have grown over the last several decades in the United States of America. After the announcement from the Supreme Court in their ruling on the court case of Citizens United versus the Federal election commission that corporations would be entitled to special protections that are typically reserved for individuals in the country corporate mega-donors have opened the floodgates to donations to political campaigns across the nation.

As a result, there has been growing sentiment that the possibility of corruption is ever more significant in our nation has ever faced in the past. In response to the growing concerns grassroots, political action committee End Citizens United was formed on 1 March in 2015. Since its initial inception, the organization has made significant inroads in the American political system.

By utilizing the expert leadership of Tiffany Muller, executive director and president of the organization, and Matt Burgess, Executive Vice President of the organization, they have managed to grow from a fledgling into an organization that encompasses greater than 3 million individuals. Even more astounding is the organization’s ability to generate greater than $60 million in political contributions over the last three years. $35 million has been generated political contributions in the 2018 cycle alone all through small donations. The average contribution is under $15.

End Citizens United is a nonprofit organization that was formed in order to help eliminate the undue influence of corporate mega-donors and political campaign processes. End Citizens United has helped to elect 15 members of Congress to positions of influence in our nation. The one thing that all of these politicians have in common is a shared stance against accepting donations from corporate mega-donors and special interest groups. While the sentiment was much smaller during the first election cycle the organization took part in 2016 were only a handful of senators publicly announced projecting donations from corporate political action committees it has grown significantly stronger in the intervening years. In fact, in 2018 during the midterm election cycle Tiffany Muller the organizations Pres. and Executive Director has stated that greater than 70% of political candidates have taken a public stance against accepting donations from corporate mega-donors and political action committees.

Cory Booker is just one senatorial candidate that has taken a stance against corporate mega-donors in a recent trend that is growing across the nation. Tiffany Muller has stated that End Citizens United will be fully supporting Cory Booker in his bid for senatorial position and that he is commendable as having demonstrated clear dedication to serving his constituents. Another such politician that has received an endorsement from the organization is Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand who has made a similar public announcement rejecting corporate mega-donors.

Gregory James Aziz: Making Things Happen at National Steel Car

Gregory J. Aziz’s career started at his family’s successful wholesale food business. He worked at Affiliated Foods for a while before moving to New York to pursue a career in investment banking. Before joining his family’s business, he went to the University of Western Ontario.

After moving to New York, he thought he found his place in investment banking. He explored the financial world for years but never found what he was looking for. Then, 1994, he got a job at National Steel Car; formerly owned by DOFASCO —  a steel car manufactured in Hamilton, Ontario.


He moved back to Ontario to work with National Steel Car and quickly rose up the ranks and became CEO. Once in control of the company, he realized it is to balance traditional company values with trying to introduce new ideas and concepts. Luckily, National Steel Car’s values center on their employees and producing quality products.

It only took a few years, but Aziz figured out the best way to generate better products is to inspire his employees by setting their creative free. Most CEOs fail to realize all of their employees’ potential, only focusing on shining stars.


Greg Aziz noticed how hard all of his employees worked and gave them credit when credit was due. He never tried to take credit for himself, even when he was solely responsible for achieving success. His humble nature doesn’t allow him to focus on himself, but it also doesn’t allow him to lack off. Go To This Page to learn more.


After years of consistent success, most CEOs start slacking off because they get used to winning. That’s not a problem that James Aziz has, and he doesn’t allow any of his employees to get used to winning. No matter how much they win or success, he keeps everyone focused on doing better next year.


Considering how much Aziz and National Steel Car won over the last 30 or so years, it’s amazing he continues pushing as hard as he does. One of the biggest accomplishments he achieved was winning National Steel Car 13 TTX SECO awards 13 years in a row.


While some people admire his award-winning leadership, others admire his drive to make National Steel Car better. Over the last 30 years, National Steel Car has not missed a deadline or disappointed a customer.


More on: https://www.steelcar.com/

Betsy DeVos: The Untold Political Champion

There is something to be said for bringing in a fresh perspective on potential problems. President Donald Trump has made it a point to bring in outsiders for several prominent positions within his administration. Of those outsiders, Betsy DeVos sticks out like a sore thumb due to just how low of a profile she has kept over the years. Despite her low profile, Betsy DeVos was confirmed by the Senate in order to take over the job of Secretary of Education at the Department of Education. In this position, DeVos has quickly cemented herself as a political fighter who is willing to go toe to toe with anyone in order to push forward the concepts that she believes in.


When Betsy DeVos was first nominated by President Trump, the majority of the political world had no idea what was going on. Positions like the Secretary of Education typically go to long-time Washington D.C. politicians, not smaller names from states like Michigan. Still, President Trump saw something that inspired him in Betsy DeVos and she would be confirmed by the Senate and put into place at her position within the Department of Education.


Coming into Washington D.C. as a political outsider with a calm and cool demeanor can be incredibly tough to overcome. Instantly, people like Betsy DeVos gain a label from mainstream media and their colleagues that may not be befitting of their actual work. When DeVos started her work in D.C. as the Secretary of Education, she was underestimated almost to a man. Randi Weingarten, a leader of the American Federation of Teachers, said of DeVos, “There is a real tendency to underestimate her. She comes across as personable and plain-spoken, but she is dangerous.” Weingarten came to understand what many political opponents of Betsy DeVos are coming to learn: she is no pushover.


Betsy DeVos is as much of a fighter as anyone in politics and it is due largely to her upbringing. Born in Holland, Michigan, Betsy DeVos would become a vocal proponent of charter schools. She would go on to become the chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party and after that, she would make a name for herself as a true champion of conservative values. Now, in Washington D.C., DeVos will bring her trademark tenacity to the meeting room in order to continue fighting for the core values that she has always believed in. The rest of Washington D.C. will quickly learn that the Secretary of Education can go toe-to-toe with anyone.


Visit www.betsydevos.com to learn more.