Victoria Doramus, Fighting Against All Odds

Victoria Doramus is an expert in addiction and recovery expert after years of struggling with the same problem. She utilizes her experience to guide and help others with the similar problem. Victoria Doramus has a long history of drug abuse having abused cocaine and Adderall for about 15 years. Upon realizing that she had an addiction problem, Victoria Doramus sought help and went to rehab in Arizona for the first time in 2011. After rehab, she went to live in LA having little understanding of how to manage her condition despite the tools and information she had acquired. She went back to using drugs and became alienated with no friends and family having burnt these bridges. Victoria Doramus tried many strategies such as changing friends she felt were leading to drug use, joining rehabilitation centers, and even moving. For instance, she moved states and once moved to London.

Victoria Doramus, in desperation, according to Affiliate Dork, went to Austin to a treatment center known as Burning Tree. Burning Tree is a long-term treatment center with a commitment to help addicts using a 12 step based program. The routine involves prayer and meditation, chores and mandatory group therapy and AA meetings. With no communication from the outside world, Victoria Doramus committed to understanding her addiction and got the necessary help. After the program, she was able to move back to society and started living for once in a long time. Currently, she is committed to helping others with the same problem and is committed to starting a halfway house in New York City. Victoria Doramus states that the recovering from drug addiction is a continuous process only achieved with help from others. She hopes that by starting the halfway house, she will be able to help drugs addicts just as she got help in her recovery. Visit her website for more info.

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Roseann Bennett-Addressing Mental Health Needs

A therapist with over ten years of experience who gifted with her patients in the area of depression is Roseanne Bennett.

Roseann Bennett uses her therapy skills through crisis management and family and marital therapy. She works with adolescents as well as their families throughout several countries such as Hunterdon, Warren and Somerset. She currently resides in New Jersey where she also works with adolescents.

Roseanne is dedicated providing her clients with custom treatment that will specifically address their need through her forward thinking approach. Bennett created the Center for Assessment and Treatment as a result of realizing the need for effective treatment for depression and mental illness. The goal of this center was to help patients that were not financially able to afford the help on their own.

Bennett strives to make others aware of mental illness through her blogs. These tools have assisted many people on understanding what their own needs are as they relate to depression and mental illness. The aspect of using what is known as telemedicine, which seeks to help patients gain access to therapist via texts and e-mails. Doctors and patients are able to communicate with each other without even being in the same room.

In her past wok in certain communities, Roseann Bennett has personally witnessed the type of struggles patients live with. She felt these individuals were in immediate need of mental treatment; however, it took months in order to get an appointment with a doctor. Many of these individuals experienced mental health deterioration. As a result of these findings, Roseann Bennett sought ways to aid others to get the right treatment in a timely and affordable way. Click Here for more information.


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Real Estate Mogul Jim Toner & How He Has Conquered Real Estate Investing

Jim Toner is a man of many acts. Though this particular name may be quite common, the Jim Toner of this article is far from being ordinary. This man is a successful real estate investor, a philanthropist and an author. Toner has been in this business since 2010, but his success didn’t come easy. He actually dropped out of real estate investing right after getting started because he was being scammed by a con artists. This con artist has even scammed high-profile celebrities. Celebrity positioning was his next step as he directly worked with prominent individuals to help their businesses flourish. Though he was very successful in what he was currently doing, an old friend reintroduced him to real estate investing and the rest was history.

Jim Toner had a plan of attack for this new endeavor. He would choose the actual market in which he would work, and he would work with local investors in the town that they were residing in. This plan of attack has certainly garnered huge success. Toner likes to provide a first-hand approach by working with his clients. He, and his team progressively attacked the market by starting in only one city. As the years passed, he has completed over 200 real estate deals. Jim Toner has a true rags-to-riches story. You can find him doing seminars all over the United States, and he even has his own wealth-building systems. These programs are various and can range between $2,000 – $15,000. Learn more about him on his website.

“Our goal is to have the top real estate investment training company in the entire world,” according to Toner. While working in the state of Ohio, the team’s goal is to invest in at least 500 homes over the next five years. Sometimes slow and steady can win the race. When it comes to this particular field of work, patience is a virtue.

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How Bruno Fagali Has Been Able To Accomplish His Desires In Life

Bruno Fagali happens to be one of the most hardworking and active lawyers in Brazil. He is among the youngest lawyers to have been admitted to the bar of late and is a great person with a desire to bring changes in the niche he operates in. He has been known for great efforts towards ensuring that he unites his people and has been on the frontline pursuing great changes in life.

He has kept his name shinning in his area of specialization and has been able to attract so many people in the industry. He is always optimistic about making changes in their career and have always dedicated his life towards greatness and also achievements.

Bruno Fagali is known for his fight against corruption. He has been able to present a very impressive strategy to the ministry that has made him prosper in his career. His focus is on matters to do with career advancement, and he has been able to lead Brazil towards working on its reputation. The country has a team of dedicated individuals who are aimed at bringing relevant changes in the world. His mission has been to achieve without conditions and he has been very optimistic about bringing the changes on board.

Bruno Fagali is an administrative lawyer. In other terms, he is a state law with great qualifications in the law sector and has been able to commit his skills and qualifications towards greatness. He has been on the frontline making sure that he helps as many people as a possible become complaint. All these have been possible under the company Fagali Advocacy which he happens to be the managing partner.

Bruno Fagali has been able to understand the way globalization is taking shape, and he has been committed to nothing else but great passion. He has been on the frontline pushing towards making his country safe, stable and also reliable. This has in effect been able to help in the attraction of many investors in the country that will boost economic progress. He has managed to represent and helps so many companies succeed in the stringent compliance procedures.

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The World Of Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a tool which is popular and came to the market around the year 2007. This company founder was Bob Reina, who is the CEO. The work of talk fusion is to make the task more manageable in the essence of creating newsletters as well as video emails.


Its aim is that businesses increase profits while keeping up with the competition. Talk Fusion is expanding, and currently, it is in about 140 countries.


In Talk Fusion all your marketing needs are met. Only one account creation is for anything that one may require that entails marketing. Be it video conferencing, video hosting or even having messaging apps. It uses the latest technology to provide these services to its clientele. It seeks to serve everyone.


Video emailing is the top product in Talk Fusion. It is easier to connect businesses to their contacts using the app. The video emails can be sent either from an android or apple device to a client, therefore possible to oversee the video marketing campaigns.


Sending a video in an email captures attention like no other leading to a high possibility of engagement. The footage posted through the app can be an upload or a recorded life event, after that there is a template addition in case one wants to add a message.


The channel is a platform that can be used for communicating with friends and family even from different devices as long you are using the same link to connect. Using this program one can even host an international video call using any method.


Additionally, one can also send messages to people on both professional and personal levels as long as you have the required network.


It has new additions which include setting up of chat rooms as well as picture messaging. In chat rooms, one can invite friends and also gives the option of seeing who is online, while in the picture messaging, we get to have clear images.


Talk fusion is also known to be the first to come up with an immediate pay plan. Talk Fusion has received two awards which are a great achievement.


The dream or aim of Talk Fusion is to enable people to grow in their businesses helping people to be ethical in their dealings, by giving back to the society in the form of charitable organizations and connecting the world through video.


Thanks to Talk Fusion lives of thousands of people will never be the same due to the growth it has brought in regards to technology.


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Alex Pall Discusses The Chainsmokers’ Origin and Praises Halsey

Interview Magazine was founded by Andy Warhol, an artist who specialized in pop culture and advertising. He passed away in 1987.

The Chainsmokers are a musical duo that have produced songs such as “Roses,” “Don’t Let Me Down,” and “#Selfie.”

The Chainsmokers, which consists of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, recently conducted an interview with the late Andy Warhol’s magazine in promotion for their new song “Closer.” They discussed topics ranging from their interests in music to their future in the industry.

First, the interviewer asked The Chainsmokers about how they met, and both Pall and Taggart gave their side of the story.

Alex Pall was DJing around New York City just before the meeting. Pall was recently left by the previous member of The Chainsmokers, and he was in dire need of a new partner.

Andrew Taggart was going to college in Maine, and he was interning at Interscope studios. Someone at Interscope Records, who was in contact with Alex Pall’s manager, told Taggart that an position had opened up with The Chainsmokers, who at the time were not a popular act. Taggart jumped at the opportunity and rode a bus down to New York.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart forged an incredible working relationship in record time. They discussed their musical interests, their goals in the music industry, and their methods on making music. This led to a deep understanding with each other and enabled them to make unique music.

In the interview the topic of Halsey also came up. When the interviewer asked what it was like working with Halsey, Alex Pall responded.

“She’s incredible,” Pall boasted. “If you had asked us over the last year who was an artist that we wanted to work with, Halsey was number one on that list.” Alex Pall continued his praise of Halsey calling her very cool and a unique artist. “She has a very strong voice and she’s just very unapologetically her.”

Rocketship Education’s Response to Media

Rocketship is one of the most popular charter schools in America. Rocketship has gained times are positive and negative attention from the media says they’ve opened in 2006. Rocketship is a public nonprofit network of schools, who have been doing an excellent job educating school age children throughout the country. The Cofounder and CEO of Rocketship education is Preston Smith.

Since opening Rocketship, Smith has been the main spokesperson responses to negative and positive attention from the media. The most recent attention that Rocketship receive from the media is a blog published by NPR. In this blog, NPR did not say pleasant things about Rocketship Education. Parents of Rocketship students were very surprised by this blog; however, Rocketship and the CEO, Smith, was not surprised by the blog.

Even though NPR mention false Information about rocket ship in this blog, the school district was not surprised because their school often receives negative attention from the media. Rocketship is a school full of integrity. Instead of responding negatively to NPR, Rocketship decided to educate the public about their practices in their students.

In this message to the public, Rocketship revealed almost 100% of parents would recommend Rocketship to a friend. They also revealed that Rocketship is a special school because he uses unique practices or behavioral management. Educating children that come from urban communities can have some challenges. To understand their students’ behavior, Rocketship maintains close relationships with their students and their students’ families. This technique has been able to give educators at Rocketship a true understanding of all the challenges that the students face in the classroom and outside the classroom. Understanding their students has helped them to be able to accomplish outstanding academic achievements.

In the end, Rocketship and the parents of Rocketship are proud of the way Rocketship’s CEO responded to false information released from the press. Rocketship education’s main priority is the students that they serve. It is important for them to always be a strong leadership example for the children a Rocketship. Rocketship will continue to be strong leaders for their students.

Gregory Aziz: The Head Of One Of The Leading Manufacturers In The Global Community

Sometimes in order to succeed, a business needs a fresh face. For National Steel Car, Gregory James Aziz was that fresh face. The company had been in existence since 1912, but in the year 1994, it wasn’t doing as well as it had been in previous generations. The company was founded during a boom in consumer demands. The thing was, the company was known for producing rolling stock, or railway freight compartments. The rolling stock that they produced was considered to be good and adequately meet the needs of their customers. In 1994, trains were still being used for transportation but the desire for such stock had gone down considerably. In order to remain viable, the company needed to change the way they approach the business practices of manufacturing.


Gregory Aziz had learned something about business from his family and his time at the University of Western Ontario. His family is well known for helping to found Affiliated Foods, a company that is known for being the first grocery supply company to start importing goods. This new approach to business was not lost on Greg Aziz. Aziz learned a great deal from his family about some of the ways that he can challenge the status quo of a industry and create significant change. When he was studying at the University of Western Ontario he built on what he learned from his family members with an economics degree. Learning economics gave him an opportunity to understand the impact of those business practices.


When he met with the owners of National Steel Car, it seemed as though he already had a plan in his head to change the way that the company was going. He saw that there was so much potential in the personal and business plan of the company. There just needs to be more of a direction for situations such as this. For Greg James Aziz, the direction was going to be towards quality. He was running away from simply getting by on products towards finding a way to leave a lasting impression on the consumers.


Many years later, after receiving various awards and certifications for the quality and value of National Steel Car’s products, Gregory James Aziz can say that the company has bounced back significantly. His work has now become a stable part of the manufacturing society. In fact, National Steel Car is regarded as one of the leading manufacturers in the global community. Refer to This Article for more information.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel, the Florida ER doctor who also studied religion

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is a medical doctor whose Emergency Medicine practice is in Tallahassee, Florida. He did a doctor of medicine degree from 2005 to 2009 and graduated from the School of Medicine in Louisiana State University Shreveport in 2012. He did his residency at Louisiana State University medical school between 2009 and 2013. Eric specializes in emergency medicine, notably injury, trauma and accidents, and his experience extends to over six years. Eric affiliates with Tallahassee Memorial healthcare where he has worked since August 2012 and is among the 26 doctors who practice emergency medicine at the hospital.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has a sub-specialty in general emergency medicine, and the American Board of Emergency Medicine certified him in emergency medicine. The fact that he is board-certified implies that Eric is highly-qualified in the emergency medicine filed he practices. Further, since he is certified, he is more likely to have the most updated skills to and knowledge on how to treat his patient’s medical conditions. Eric has two licenses, one from LA State Medical license and the other is the FL State Medical License. He accepts several insurances including Aetna, First Health (Coventry Health Care) and Medicare. Besides English, Dr. Eric’s practice also supports Spanish.

Being an emergency physician, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is an expert in handling conditions that are urgent and very dangerous. He works in the emergency room (ER) hospital department where he oversees cases of trauma, cardiac distress, lacerations, fractures as well as other acute conditions. He is specially trained to make split-second decisions to save a life when faced with an emergency medical crisis. He diagnoses patients and stabilizes them till they are well enough to be discharged from the hospital or to be transferred to the relevant department for further long-term care.

Eric M. Forsthoefel, MD, also attended Florida State University where he studied Religion and Religious studies from 1999 to 2004. His skills range from patient safety, critical care, emergency medicine, clinical research and many more. He is good at quality reporting having participated in Medicare Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS).

The Inner Workings of A Hit–The Chainsmokers Reveal how Somebody Was Made

Together, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, make up an American DJ and production duo known as The Chainsmokers. The group was originally formed with other members, but Pall and Taggart got together in 2012 to make The Chainsmokers who they are today. After a few years of partnership, they were able to make their live debut in 2014 opening for Timeflies at Terminal 5. Their first single, #Selfie, was eventually picked up in 2014 and made its way to the Electric/Dance charts that same year and the rest is history.


The Chainsmoker’s most recent hit, Somebody, has also found its way to the top of the charts as well, sitting atop the Billboard’s New Dance 100 list. The single has also experienced much success with one billion Spotify streams. Needless to say, their first single was popular, but this one has the duo in a whirlwind of success. They have spent the first half of 2018 introducing us to new songs and performing around the country.


Pall and Taggart recently allowed their fans the opportunity to see the inner workings of what went into the making of Somebody. What set it apart from the rest? What made the unique sound so popular? How did they decide to produce it? Well, the duo posted a video on Facebook showing a snippet of just how this chart topping hit was created. One thing that sets it apart is the use of frequent modular synth work and pitched-up vocal samples. They also revealed that the changes in pitch are due in large part because parts of the song were originally recorded for a different song.


This duo appears to know where their talent lies and are capitalizing on what they do best in order to bring great content to their fans, and the fans are reciprocating. 2018 thus far has proved to be successful for The Chainsmokers and for now, they are enjoying that success as much as they can.